Should You Hire an Agency?

by Tate Morgan

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Are you focusing on increasing your e-commerce revenue? Think your advertising could be more effective? Want to build full-scale marketing campaigns but don’t want to hire an entire in-house marketing team? If your answer is yes, consider hiring a digital marketing agency.

Statista notes that the amount spent by U.S. brands on marketing in 2018 was $162.9 billion. The implication is that more businesses like yours are leveraging the help of outsiders to grow and remain prominent in the market.

Recent statistics indicate that in 2020, e-commerce sales exceeded $4.2 trillion worldwide and that over two billion individuals purchased goods or services online the same year. Note that changes in technology can take a toll on your in-house marketing team in one way or another. So, how do you know it is time to hire an agency for your e-commerce business?

Before delving into that, here are a few questions to ask before investing in an e-commerce agency.

• Is your organizational structure well-prepped and able to handle increased growth and demand?
• Has your market given positive feedback in the form of actual sales?
• Do you have salespeople or customer service personnel in place?
• Are positive reviews from those who use your products available?

When to Hire An Agency for Your E-Commerce Business

If you’re considering hiring an agency to help grow your e-commerce business, here are some critical elements to consider.

1. If Leveraging In-Depth SEO Knowledge Is A Priority

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, and 60% of users will click on the top three search results. Visibility is one of the factors you cannot afford to ignore if you want to thrive in the virtual environment. 

You need to hire a reputable e-commerce marketing agency with a reliable SEO team with insight into the nuances of search engines. Such a decision comes with perks that can propel your e-commerce enterprise to the next level. There are several factors worth considering to get Google to recognize your online store.

The right agency does all it takes to align such aspects to attract visitors and convert them into leads. So, working with an SEO team after hiring a digital marketing agency can help you expand your operations.

2. You Need A Fresh Perspective

Encountering repeat ideas is highly likely when working with an in-house team. However, an independent e-commerce agency can give you an outsider’s perspective and bring in fresh promotional strategies and ideas your team may have overlooked.

Note that you will be pulling up on the wisdom and experience of an extensive collection of work once you begin working with a digital marketing agency. The agency you choose will also have guidelines and best practices suitable for your operations if it has previously worked with other clients in your industry.

That saves you and your team the long learning curve and allows you to realize a return on investment faster.

3. When in Need of A Back-Up of A Strong Creative Support

First impressions matter a lot when a visitor lands on your website. It is also worth mentioning that design impacts 94% of first impressions. That means that you can only gain traction in the virtual world by engaging an agency with a creative team capable of identifying the right elements that make this objective achievable.

Such a team will also help you tweak or redesign your site. That can significantly impact your conversions and traffic. Agencies that have predominantly worked with multiple e-commerce clients understand how user experience can play a pivotal role in decision making.

The reason is that such agencies have insight into the different norms for social media, retargeting ads, display ads, intuitive copy/design, pixel size, video length, and other engaging factors. So, working with a reliable digital marketing agency can bring life to your online store in one way or another.

4. If Access to Advanced Tools and Technologies Is A Necessity

The ideal marketing agencies remain up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies, which allows their clients to scale their marketing efforts. Investing in training before implementing new tools in-house can be challenging for most businesses, and determining the success rate may also be a problem in this case.

A full-service marketing agency allows you to access new products available in the market, and it knows what works and what doesn’t. That way, the agency can offer tailor-made recommendations in line with the requirements of your e-commerce entity, which boosts your marketing productivity and saves time.

5. When Seeking PPC and Google Shopping Experts

Hiring experts to help you manage your paid campaigns is advisable. The reason is that realizing a successful PPC campaign entails a lot of work even after setting up the ads. As such, you need to optimize and monitor your ads regularly to achieve a desirable outcome. 

The right e-commerce marketing agency understands what it takes to get the most out of your ad spends and that can save you a lot of time and money. The agency you hire should help you identify the right keywords, perform in-depth competitor analysis, and establish actionable landing pages that match your ad.

By doing so, the agency leaves no stone unturned in its bid to create compelling ad copies that yield traffic and conversion while targeting the right audience. On the other hand, Google Shopping ads accounted for 76.4% of U.S. retailers’ searches. The best part is that an agency will have a team specializing in monitoring campaigns, Google shopping, and optimizing the feed throughout.

Consequently, that promotes effective returns and maximum visibility in the Google space.


There are tons of other business-critical decisions requiring your attention as an online entrepreneur. For that reason, consider hiring an agency with impressive ratings and reviews, a stellar portfolio, and a history of proven track records. 

Note that a digital marketing agency can become the one-stop-shop that gives your e-commerce business access to cutting-edge technologies, products, platforms, and techniques that can grow your enterprise online. If you need the services of such an agency, lets have a conversation and see if we’re a good fit.

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